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Hydrostatic body fat testing is considered the “gold standard”, or the method by which all other methods determine their accuracy. This method was previously only available at a few universities and hospitals, so it has been virtually inaccessible to the general public. Now, through Body Fat Test, you may purchase a Mobile Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing Lab to service the area in which you live and start offering this valuable service to clients. We have spent over 12 years perfecting the clinic, the software, and the customer experience to provide a very professional service from the day you open your business. Plus you get the exclusive license for using the Body Fat Test name and website in your area. We are known nation wide through our appearances on CNN, VH1 (Celebrity Fit Club show), Bravo (Work Out show) and others.


Body Fat Test is growing nationwide and internationally.  If you'd like to inquire about the possibility of owning your own Body Fat Test business please email:


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