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'Most reliable way to keep track of your fitness progress. FORGET the scale and start dunking! Jolen the owner is a super nice guy and has a very flexible schedule with many dunk locations monthly! I had a few questions about my nutrition plan and he was more than willing to take the time and give me the advice needed.”​

Nika S. 


“Hydrostatic body fat testing is the most accurate test and it is takes your motivation to a whole new level. Jolen is knowledgeable, kind and gives you all the necessary information needed to reach your fitness goals! I highly recommend you call to schedule an appointment, it's life changing! :)”​

Jennifer D.


“If you're like me, you probably been working out and achieving some of your goals but you don't really know where you stand overall. (Don't act like I don't know you peep out your girlfiends in admiration working out next to you at the gym).Jolen and his mobile Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing service broke down my indivudial results. My results challenged me to work out smarter. The dunk test, which is the most accurate way to measure body fat as well as lean mass (what I care most about) has allowed me to modify 1) my caloric intake especially when doing 2 a days at Orangetheory and 2) my mindset towards reaching my goals. I've gotten dunked 2 times this year (approximately 6 weeks apart) and I couldn't be happier with my results. My body shape, appearance and my lean muscle mass gain has been amazing! Know how I know that? Being tested regularly is my key to staying focused towards achieving my goals. The difference in my body fat to lean fat ratio is what Jolen tests! I'm not the only one that has noticed the difference in my appearance.Jolen, a true professional has provided me with a plethora of information that I have found invaluable in reaching my personal goals. He genuinely cares about me as his client and he is sincere in wanting me to be successful in reaching my goals. I would recommend Jolen and his Hydrostatic Body Fat Test service to EVERYONE who wants to know their actual baseline (no, not the number your bathroom scale says that morning) and what you should be working towards. If you're like me, you WANT to ensure that what you're doing is going to make a difference towards reducing body fat and gaining lean mass! Think sexy, toned muscles. Jolen is great and his service continues to keep me motivated to get better, faster, leaner and stronger! You have nothing to lose but the guesswork and ALOT of unwanted chub rub aka that $#!t that rubs between my thighs. You WILL gain the friendship and professionalism of a man I respect whole heartedly will telling me the truth about reaching goals!Stop waiting! The new year is coming quick and you want to get your body ready for summer! Start with Jolen! You won't be disappointed!”​


Odette D.


"I just got my body fat dunk test yesterday in El Cajon, and it was awesome!  This is the most accurate way to find out your body fat %; the calipers can be very inaccurate, unfortunately.  You just put on a swim suit, get into a really nice cozy warm tank, and blow out all of your air bubbles.  You'll do that three times to get the most accurate result (it takes a little practice), and Jolen is really good at coaching you on that part.  Then you can get toweled off or changed, and you get your results right away.  I am in the "fair" range according to his levels (though another source online says that I'm "fitness" - go figure!) - and this is really inspirational for me as I'm trying to get more healthy and I'd like to get retested to measure my progress in 3-6 months.  I had this done more than 10 years ago from another company when I was really fit, using more weights, and my body fat % was 8% lower at that time, and I remember how cool it was to see how healthy I was then, too.  

Jolen is REALLY friendly and I felt like he was really passionate about educating me towards reaching my goals, which went above and beyond what I thought I would be getting.  Even though I don't personally count calories, it's also really cool to know how many calories you burn without any activity and with a long list of various activities, just based on your weight/age/gender and specific body fat %.  The truck travels all over San Diego County from Encinitas to El Centro (I just checked out their calendar online), but I was lucky enough that he was at a gym literally a 2 minute drive from my house - lol!   Here are the current prices:  Initial Test- $49 Retest- $35.  Highly recommended!"


Sonya S.


"My story is just like anyone else’s who wants to get in the shape of their life, lose weight, fat, or generally be an overall healthier individual.  My journey from where I started, to when I first became interested in learning more about my body mass and health, to today, where I have surpassed even my initial goals, may be different than yours. However, the expert knowledge you receive from doing your first initial test with Jolen is the same, and we can all achieve our goals with hard work and consistency.


I bring this up because most people will assume that since I have been a fitness instructor, coach and trainer for the past 10 years, I have always been fit. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth and I assure you that not all of my fellow fitness professionals are perfect! We all started in a less ideal position, have learned and refined our tools to help reach our fitness goals so that we can also help others!


One of the tools in my toolbox is the BodyFat Test in San Diego.


How many times have you heard, “I’ve been working out so much every week, eating well, and doing everything I’m supposed to do but still can’t lose weight!”?


This was me.

Working out 10-15 hours a week.

Limiting my portions. Overdoing it. Starving myself. Bingeing.

My problem was not really knowing how much I should eat for how active I was. Hence, the above cycle.

The scale would sit and sit and sit. It.Would Not.Move


This is where my favorite tool comes in

December 2013 - I did my first ever dunk test with a goal of getting to 16%. Honestly, I thought it was impossible and later I found out I was so wrong.

Don’t get discouraged by this, but before Jolen took over, the previous dunker told me in so many words, that he would expect someone who was a fitness professional to not have such a high bodyfat percentage. I was pretty shocked. 20% bodyfat is by no means unhealthy but I could actually see his point. Why was I working out so much and not getting the result I wanted? His honesty actually inspired me and I set out to prove to MYSELF (not others) would I could achieve.


Every 3-6 months I would check in with the test and consistently, my % would go down.


Here’s the kicker......

In the past 2 years of doing the test, I have only lost 3 lbs



However, I have dropped to 12.8% bodyfat and have lost 9 lbs of fat mass! I have gained over 5 lbs of lean muscle mass!

I’m shocked to surpass my initial goal but with Jolen’s help and guidance I have been able to do just that. He is a total pro and I love his enthusiasm every time I visit him!


All this time that the scale hasn’t been moving, I could have easily given up on myself. However, with the BodyFat Test I now have a better knowledge and understanding of my body and health.

Knowledge is key when it comes to making changes in your healthy and fit lifestyle and I recommend EVERYONE uses this to their advantage!


Thank you Jolen for believing in me and showing me that hard work pays off!"















 Kat Gunsur

National Triathlon Team Manager - IRONMAN and Greater San Diego Triathlon Manager


"This is the real deal with getting accurate results and setting up a plan of attack to reach your personal health and fitness goals. Jolen explains in detail your personal results so you understand and can start making changes immediately!"


ConRoy S.


"Soooo informing! Jolen is so knowledgeable. He walks you through every step of the way and puts a lot of effort and patience into making sure you get the most accurate reading. The dunk tank and the whole clinic is well kept and hygienic. 
This whole process took so much guessing out of my routine. Jolen was able to tell me my resting metabolic weight and give me a personalized recommendation of nutritional intake. This is much more than a test, it's a consultation too!"

Kayla B.


"The next level of accurate body composition analysis is here! No more calipers haha. I am grateful to have been able to experience this kind of testing through my gym training program. This was quick, easy, detailed, and informative.

The owner of this clinic, Jolen holds various dates for testing throughout the year, and he has an online calendar to show his appearances around town. The clinic is actually inside a big truck, and he travels all around the county with it. Pretty cool concept I thought. 

The whole dunk/tank process takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Yup, you will get wet. Easy come, easy go. I felt like a "Dunkaroo" cookie snack. except with less icing. The actual discussion of the results that you get with Jolen is where I feel where the benefits yield at. It turned out that I was at good transition body fat percentage already, but nonetheless can definitely improve some more. He discusses your resting metabolic rate, possible fitness goals, recommendations on how to get to those goals, and give a realistic game plan. Oh yeah, he can not also remove the body fat, just measure. Just so you know.

Jolen is friendly, passionate about his work, and helpful in kick starting your fitness pathway. Hopefully this review is all lean, muscular, and 5% body fat. Thanks for the great experience, and see ya at the re-dunk in July!"

William S.


"This is now my 2nd time dunking with Jolen & the Body Fat Test, and once again my goals are more refined and my path to achieve them is more clear. If you have health and fitness goals, you MUST book an appt ASAP! This single test takes all the guess work out of calorie counting and gives you the precise data you need to push yourself to the next level.

Jolen is passionate, knowledgeable & a great coach through the dunking process and through the nutrition counseling. Proud to say my body fat percentage is down from my first dunk while retaining my lean muscle mass. Not only do I use his services as a fitness professional myself, but I also refer all of my clients to him to help them achieve their goals as efficiently as possible. If you're looking for the missing link in your current health/fitness routine... this is it!"

Etta S.


"The best way to stay true to your fitness goals is by constantly checking in with your progress. Hydrostatic testing by Jolen is the most accurate, fast, and easy way to get it done. I have been dunked by Jolen 3 times now and each time my body fat has dropped!!! 

He goes over everything you need to know to accomplish your goals, and is fun and informative as he walks you through the process. If I could give it 100 stars I would. Jolen will take care of you and lead you in the right direction no matter what your goals are- building muscle, loosing weight, or maintaining. The man knows how to get you there.  I am a firm believer that THIS is what sets him apart from his competitors. 

Try it out! Prices are great, and it is a great experience."

Alena S.


"This is the absolute best way to test your body composition and Jolen is the absolute best person to walk you through and complete this process. He is a consummate professional -- extremely knowledgeable, helpful, encouraging and friendly. From the moment you meet him, he behaves responsibly, and with kindness, and communicates clearly and effectively. 

I am not one that likes putting on a bathing suit in front of people (especially someone who is very fit), thus why the body fat testing. Despite my reluctance, Jolen makes you feel comfortable and quickly detailed the best way to complete the testing process so I could do it and be done without much angst. 

The actual testing process is quite painless. The water is clear and warm, and if you can go underwater briefly in a pool, this will be no problem for you. If I could make any recommendation it would be practice completely ridding your lungs of air and know what that feels like before you get in the tank. Air measures as fat, so blow it all out!

Once the test was done, Jolen reviewed my numbers with me, made recommendations on how I should change my nutritional habits to achieve the results I desire, and encouraged me to continue on toward my goals and retest in a few months... which I will, without reservation."

Kimberly L.

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